To provide quality safety Management courses together with loss control objectives and/or assist in their understanding of technical issues related to fire and Safety hazards and explosions.


Our vision is to build up a trusted leader in safety management through the development of technical staff excellence, establishing a high level of ethical practice and working with clients to meet their safety objectives.


Safety is a general subject .It is linked with all fields of the world, be it Railways, Industrial, Marine, Aeronautical, Petrochemical or any other field. Safety is connected to the word “Prevention”. Safety officer’s job is to prevent accidents. Difference between the safety officer and the fire officer is that, “The safety officer has to act before the accident”, inside the company and with employees to safe guard or prevent accidents. But “The fire officer acts only after accidents or rescue operations are only after the accident”. Which is important? Of course, “Prevention is better than cure”. ATRI offers MBA Safety management, MBA Disaster Management, B.Tech Safety Engineering, Diploma and PG Diploma courses in Safety to make them prepare for safety field and to become safety professionals but not to become fire officers. Without knowing the safety concept, many institutions blindly offer fire and safety courses in India and provide fire related practical and drill training. But the real fact is, no student gets job in safety field or safety brigade.

AIRSC ACADEMY OF SAFETY AND DISASTER MANAGEMENTIt mainly focuses on theoretical Knowledge about safety. It includes all type of accidents. Each safety personnel should know how to act before accidents, preventive methods for which theoretical knowledge about all subjects, PPT presentation, First Aid Training, Industrial visits, practicals, seminars, Language skills, etc., are very important. He/she should be a very good observer, have good communication skills, safety related general knowledge, management, operation and designing skills are very important. Experience in Safety field should be his “first job”. He has to study the site or Departments’s nature of job to prevent accidents and to study this, he has to get into the practical job environment

AIRSC ACADEMY OF SAFETY AND DISASTER MANAGEMENT focuses on all above matters to make them as experienced safety professionals. Till today, there is no proper awareness about safety. Many are hesitant to join just by thinking that it’s a safety brigade related job; but the real fact is Quiet different. Nowadays, trained safety professionals are highly in demand. “Plethora of job opportunity exists in large numbers for safety students”. An experienced safety candidate from a reputed institution can expect an immediate job opportunity and pay packages are anywhere between Rs.25000 to 45000 in India and around 2 to 4lakhs in abroad. AASDM has created history by placement.. Our major placements are in Indian Railways Petroleum Industry, Govt PSU Sectors, and many more at abroad. MBA stands for Master of Business Administration and is a post graduate degree in business administration. The concept of MBA has become a prestigious and respected degree all over the globe, which is attracting people from various academic disciplines


Most degrees are obtained with the purpose of advancing your career prospects and job opportunities. The same is the case with an MBA degree; the only difference being that an MBA degree is considered as the most valuable post graduate degree in the world and has exciting career opportunities. People take the MBA program in order to further their careers in their current jobs or to get a better job on the basis of their MBA degree. Even within your existing company and in your current job, you can notice the difference in your career prospects pre-MBA and post-MBA. With an MBA degree under their belt, employees have a whole new world opened up to them and are elevated to managerial positions on the strength of the additional abilities and knowledge gained through the MBA program. There is always an ever increasing demand for skilled mangers in any organization or any institution in today’s highly competitive world because only such skilled people can tackle the highly demanding situations that organizations faces in the era of liberalization and globalization. Become Successful A successful manager should possess a fine blend of qualities such as decision making, conceptual, analytical and interpersonal skills, for making the best possible use for the available resources. MBA programs are focusing on creating leaders and managers equipped with the above mentioned skills. MBA as an education makes one understand the language of business. This is a program in which raw graduates will be changed to professional managers